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Verkkosivu 4. joulu, 2018


Follow this great journey of yours.

Verkkosivu 2. elo, 2018

Alla Kaskovich

Hello, thank you for sharing so many photos, it is wonderful to meet so many people on the trip.

18. kesä, 2018

Päivi and Pekka

Hi ya! Thank you for your nice comments and photos! =) It has been great to meet so many good persons through our journey.

Verkkosivu 15. kesä, 2018

Bren Lynch (@taxidub)

Cèad míle fáilte ( Hueva paava) to Dublin, seen your vehicle in Dublin today.

30. huhti, 2018

Abdul Kassab

Paivi and Pekka,

I had the pleasure of meeting in a parking lot in Quebec city

I just wanted to wish you the best of luck for the rest of your trip

Your adventure is such an inspiring feat that I would love to be able to emulate in the future

We should definitely meet up if you ever come to Ottawa

Verkkosivu 27. huhti, 2018


Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It’s about having a pretty mind, pretty heart and pretty soul.

22. huhti, 2018

Päivi ja Pekka

Hi friends! It would be so nice to meet you again, but unfortunately we have not enough time for visit west part of Canada or even Ottawa. We will be shipped from Halifax in the beginning of May. So, we hope to see you in Finland one day!

20. huhti, 2018

Grant and Sherry MacLeod

Welcome to Canada! This is Grant and Sherry MacLeod. We met in Patagonia and had dinner in Ushuaia. We have been following your adventures and are happy you have been able to visit Canada. If you are heading west please visit us in Winnipeg. (You might
also find it interesting to stop in Thunder Bay, which has a few Finnish heritage restaurants). And if you are in Ottawa both our sons live there and one works in nice little restaurant you might enjoy. He is crazy for Finnish rally driving. Sherry is going
to be in Ottawa from 26 April to 29 April. Maybe you could meet if you are in that area. Enjoy Canada, it’s NHL playoffs now so it’s a good time to go to pub and join some Canadians going crazy for hockey.

8. huhti, 2018

Esteban Hernández y Juan Rosales

Tuve el placer de conocer al señor en Tijuana...le reparamos su motorhome de un golpe que le dieron en la garita de San isidro saludos

3. huhti, 2018

Bryce Pratt

Had the opportunity to meet you yesterday at the Virginia Welcome Center on the DelMarVa side of the Bay Bridge Tunnel. Thanks for taking a minute to tell me about your trip and point me to this site. Good luck with the rest of your travels!

1. huhti, 2018

David Chitwood

It was great meeting you today in Moyock, NC. Hope you have a safe trip to Canada and back to Finland.

28. maalis, 2018

Päivi and Pekka

Hi! Thank you for wonderful customer service - We are surprised!

23. maalis, 2018

Seth Holden

It was a true honor to meet you! On behalf of Spring Mobile AT&T Thank you and safe travels!

12. maalis, 2018

Richard Sides

It was a pleasure to meet you.

2. maalis, 2018

Päivi and Pekka

Hi friends! Thank you for nice comments! It would be great to meet somewhere! Safe travels!

Verkkosivu 25. helmi, 2018

Ken Joye

We saw your vehicle in Death Valley National Park (California, USA) last week, which brought me to your www site--what a fabulous adventure! I am sorry we did not get to say "Hello" when our paths cross, perhaps at some point in the future.

4. marras, 2017

Päivi and Pekka

Dear friends, Thank you so much for your nice messages! Just now we are in Guatemala - full of jungle and maya ruins....We are missing you all!

31. elo, 2017


Hello my friends,

It's very nice and exciting to read your road stories and experiences. Best wishes from Turkiye.


Verkkosivu 17. elo, 2017

Vianey Job

I like reading your diary, keep it up.

31. heinä, 2017

Päivi and Pekka

Thanks for your nice comments!

Verkkosivu 20. heinä, 2017


Nice website, continue like that, great stuff indeed!

Verkkosivu 8. heinä, 2017


Beautiful, in fact nicest I have stayed in ever. Lovely owner.

6. helmi, 2017

Päivi and Pekka

Hi! Thank you for happy moments together in restaurant. We hope that you had safety way back home. Keep in touch.

19. tammi, 2017

Grant and Sherry MacLeod

Hello, this is Grant and Sherry MacLeod, from Winnipeg, Canada (new home of Patrik Laine). Wanted to thank you for the use of your air compressor at Parque Pinguino Rey. We made it to Ushuaia with no problems. If you are in Ushuaia we would be happy to
meet for dinner tonight (January 19) if you have time. Thanks again. Happy Journeys! And if you pass through Winnipeg or other parts of Canada', let us know and we will try to give any help we can.

10. syys, 2016

Päivi and Pekka

Hello! Thank you Aaron for your nice message! It is really meaningful for us when just you as photographist say something about our photos! =) We miss you all! See you!

8. elo, 2016

Aaron Deehan

Hello from the Isle of Man! I can't believe all the places you have already been to. It must be amazing to see different cultures first hand. The photo's are great! they give an amazing insight into the lives of the people you have met along the way. I
hope Epeli is behaving and treating you well! We miss you and pray for you all three of you. I look forward to hearing of your adventures in December but until then enjoy it to the full and god bless.