Who are we?

Hi! We're Pekka and Päivi Heiskanen. Pekka is a 53 year old logistical engineer and prior to our trip he worked as a CEO in a training company specialising in logistics. During our trip Pekka will look after the technical maintenance of the vehicle and do the driving and navigating. Päivi is a special education teacher. During the trip she will take care of the catering, photography and general health matters. She will also write some magazine articles and keep our blog up to date. We have two grown up daughters, Heli-Johanna and Jennina, as well as two very cute granddaughters. Heli will translate our blog posts into English and Jenniina will be our contact person in Finland.

Our first ever trip abroad as a couple, was back in 1983. We cycled to Åland and Stockholm and our passion for traveling got ignited. Since then we have been fortunate enough to visit 53 countries, traveling first in a caravan and later on in a motor home. This trip has been in the pipeline for the past eight years. Welcome aboard!!